Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make the Colombian vueltiao hats in adult size?

I don’t. My textile hat process is very labor-intensive, and most adults prefer the original sombrero Vueltiao.

Do you offer shipping to my country?

In general, I only ship my products within the United States. This is why.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes! I love to be inspired by people’s requests. I don’t promise that I’ll accept every challenge, but I’d love to hear it. Just send me a message.

Why are there so many “sold out” and “out of stock” products?

My work is fueled by the desire to learn, experiment, and express creative ideas. For every new idea I have, I love creating the first product, then a second, and maybe a third. Some products are more exciting to make several times (when variation is part of the process), but others become monotonous. I’m not currently set-up to outsource production, and I prefer to use my time experimenting, learning, moving to the next design and variation in my mind.

I choose to display this previous (theoretically unavailable) work on my site because it informs people on my style. It may inspire a completely new custom request, and you can always contact me and ask if I’d like to make one of these products for you.